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Let me recommend vacation rentals or long-term rentals, restaurants to visit, and even new friends you can practice your Spanish with on the beaches of Costa Rica.

About Me

An unlikely Costa Rica Travel Liaison

I grew up and worked in the midwest until 2014, when my mid-life crisis brought me and my family to Playa Conchal, Costa Rica. I lived there for almost 1 year and it changed my life. It is truly my passion to show others the magic and rejuvenating effects of this tiny green country in Central America. As they say in Costa Rica, "pura vida" (pure life).

Why Costa Rica?

We had never even visited Costa Rica before we up and moved our family there in December of 2014. To say we are lucky with how well it worked out is an understatement. We found in Costa Rica new and treasured friends, an abundance of challenges as we changed up our lifestyles substantially leaving our consumerist ways in the States for a simpler life in the dry, and very hot province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. 

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